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Category: Spiritual

The Door of Repentance and Return to Allah is Always Open – Faraz Rabbani

Always remember that you’re dealing with the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate (al-Rahman, al-Rahim). Allah Most High tells us in

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Are You Good Enough? How Musa (AS) Tackled Self-Doubt

Do you experience self-doubt? Do you feel like an imposter at work? at home? In the big goals that you

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How to Fall in Love with Allah – Habib Umar bin Hafiz

In the Name of Allah, the Encompassingly Merciful, the Particularly Merciful. All praise belongs to Allah. May the best of

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Surat Al-Mulk: A Spiritual Antidote to the Global Pandemic

In this global pandemic, it is understandable that we have fears and anxieties. Reflecting on the current situation and the

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How Salah Will Guide Your ‘New Normal’

Every major consulting company and expert is trying to figure out what the ‘new normal’ would be post-COVID19. In these

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What is Mindfulness and Spiritual Intelligence: An Islamic Framework

Mindfulness, of late, has become a buzzword and as Muslims, we might wonder what mindfulness has got to do with

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