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The Grande Family Chiropractic

The Grande Family Chiropractic


Product Description

At Grande Family Chiropractic removing stress from your spine and nervous system while bringing everything into balance is the core focus of Dr. Akhavan, North Vancouver Chiropractor. He can assist you recover from an injury, relieve pain, and maintain a healthy body. Through his deep understanding of the human body, he takes the time to show or explain in detail what is causing your health problems and how to correct those challenges so you can get back to enjoying you life. With 21 years of experience in looking after children, adults and seniors, Dr. Akhavan welcomes all individuals looking to enhance their health and quality of life. At Grande Family Chiropractic, every patient receives a through examination, including an orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic assessment. Based on your results and health goals, a unique and fully customized treatment plan will be designed to help you get better fast and stay healthy. By explaining everything to our patients in advance, our focus shifts to correcting the problem as quickly as possible.

Akhavan Ali Dr