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Icna Sisters Calgary

Icna Sisters Calgary


Product Description

ICNA Canada is a non-ethnic, non-sectarian, open to all, independent, Canada wide, grass root organization.

Any Muslim brother or sister can become a member of ICNA if he/she agrees with our goal and program.

ICNA leadership is elected through a democratic ballot process and decisions are made through the process of shura.

ICNA does not solicit or accept funds from any government or their agencies.

The Creed (basic belief) of ICNA Canada is: “La ilaha—illallahu, Muhammaadur Rasulullah, that is, there is no deity (ILAH) except Allah, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah.

La ilaha illallah means that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta˜ala (SWT), alone is the Creator, Sustainer, Lord, and Sovereign of the whole universe.

Muhamrnadur Rasulullah implies that Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallarn (SAW), is the last Prophet sent by Allah (SWT), with the final and authentic guidance, and that he was entrusted with establishing a model society based on this guidance.

The goal of ICNA Canada is to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by total submission to HIM and through the propagation of true and universal message of Islam, which was revealed by Allah (SWT) in the last book, Al-Quran and through His last messenger, Muhammad (PBUH), and by inviting Muslims to establish Islam in all aspects of their lives.

  • The objectives of ICNA Canada shall be as follows:
  • Inviting mankind to submit to the Creator by using all possible means of communication.
  • Motivating Muslims to perform their duty of being witnesses unto mankind by their words and deeds.
  • Organizing those who agree to work for this cause in the discipline of ICNA Canada.
  • Offering educational and training opportunities to increase Islamic knowledge, to enhance character, and to develop skills of all those who are associated with ICNA Canada.
  • Opposing immorality and oppression in all forms and supporting efforts for socio-economic justice and civil liberties in the society.
  • Strengthening the bond of humanity by serving all those in need anywhere in the world, with special focus on our neighborhoods across Canada.
  • Establishing community centers and places of worship for Muslims.
  • Cooperating with other organizations for implementation of this program.

To attain its goals, the methodology of ICNA Canada shall be based on the following

  • The Quran and the Sunnah shall be the primary source of guidance.
  • ICNA Canada shall never utilize means that violate the Islamic principles and the law of the land.
  • ICNA Canada shall utilize only democratic, legal and peaceful means according to the Islamic principles.
  • ICNA Canada shall disseminate the message of Islam, provide intellectual and moral training to build the Islamic character and conduct, and educate the public opinion about ICNA Canada s objectives.