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Justice for All Canada

Justice for All Canada


Product Description

Justice For All Canada

Justice for All Canada is a Canadian human rights organization with Consultative Status at the United Nations (DPI) advocating on behalf of the indigenous minorities facing oppression, crimes against humanity and genocide. It is the only Muslim-led advocacy organization working in the human rights space today, focused on defending Muslim minorities around the world. Justice for All Canada advocates for the global strengthening of human rights and has been instrumental in shaping the discourse around the ‘genocide’ debate in Canada.

What We Do
Justice For All Canada’s work involves: ​

Community Education
Raising awareness among Canadians about the plight of the indigenous minorities through seminars, panel discussions, art exhibits, event booths, webinars, social media, online newsletters, print publications….etc.

Community Organizing
Mobilizing volunteers to take actions to end genocide through peaceful demonstrations, rallies, letter-writing campaigns, action alerts, and more.

Working with our allies in the human rights, social justice, advocacy, anti-racism, anti-war, interfaith, and across a spectrum of other communities in Canada.

Media Monitoring
Making sure to keep the concerned cause alive in the media and monitor media to ensure factual and unbiased reporting on the cause.

Advocacy and Government Relations
Educating the members of parliament, special committees, envoys, and public officials to take specific actions to stop genocide.