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Product Description

Our mission is simple: to empower people through the best Islamic learning experience possible so that they lead more fulfilling lives in this world, and are better prepared for the next.

We do this based upon an ethos of excellence and a refusal to accept excuses for poor quality. We offer trademark double and single-weekend degree-level seminars centred on a comprehensive academic curriculum, and taught by the leading and most engaging instructors in the West.

We are the pioneers in professional English-language with Islamic education being first on the scene, but we are always learning, accepting the fact that there is always room for improvement. We use the best multimedia materials around, we are helped by hundreds of volunteers across the entire AlMaghrib family, and we are supported by a dedicated admin and logistics team. It’s no wonder AlMaghrib continues to raise the bar on how knowledge is not only addictively sought…but also loved!

Our Vision

Ultimately, the purpose of AlMaghrib Institute is to make Islamic education as easy as possible. We thereby aim to equip our students with deep knowledge and practical application of their skills. Through this education, we hope to raise leaders who will serve their communities and humanity at large.

AlMaghrib runs on the backs of a highly committed team of staff and instructors, as well as hundreds of dedicated volunteers worldwide. This powerful, well-oiled engine runs around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So what drives us?

The vision of AlMaghrib Institute is to become the largest and most beneficial learning system in modern Islamic history. We envision our learning system entering every nation of the world, accessible to all who seek a deeper understanding of Islam.