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Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities (CAM-D)


An inclusive society that realizes the principles of accessibility


Creating spaces and places where people with disabilities feel a sense of belonging


We believe that we as all human beings are unique and perfect as created. Our ability and disability experiences are a natural aspect of life. We have the right to make choices and take risks. We have the right to practice and experience our cultural and faith traditions. We have the right to be valued, respected and included in society and in our communities.


CAM-D values collaboration, cooperation, consultation and collective action to increase access for people with disabilities and Deaf people (add a footnote). We believe that inclusion can only be achieved through working together as a community. People with disabilities and Deaf people have the right to participate fully in our spiritual and cultural centers and schools…

Guided by universal values, CAM-D is non-denominational and here to facilitate access for everyone regardless of faith affiliations, race, culture, gender, age or type of disability.

CAM-D’s objective is to develop a comprehensive, sustainable model of support and services for people with disabilities and their families through working together with community organizations, professionals and service providers as community resources are limited.

We are a national organization focusing on community based approaches for building capacity to meet the needs of Canadians with disabilities and their families. We invite organizations and individuals wishing to provide disability services to work with us in partnership.

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