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Need for Local Zakat Despite government support and benefits, a local need continues to be immense. Our assistance goes beyond what is already available by the government. Some of the most vulnerable members of our society get left behind when there is a lack of support for them from their own community, especially those with disabilities, the elderly, refugees in resettlement, and single parents. It is clear Zakat is falling short of its full potential. Muslims across the country need to receive Zakat, but many givers don’t know they could, or should, give locally. How we help We care deeply about every penny of Zakat we handle – both for givers and those Muslims that need to receive it. From our online platform that handles payments securely, to our careful selection process for applicants, we’re meticulous in our duty and transparent in our approach. Learn and calculate your Zakat From an easy-to-use calculator to FAQs, guides, videos, and call-in service, we have everything you need to calculate your personal or business Zakat, or catch up on missed payments. What problem are we solving: The Forgotten Pillar. People have forgotten about the pillar of Zakat and its virtues in this world and the hereafter. Like Salah, Zakat is also an important pillar that purifies wealth and helps facilitate social cohesion. Giving your Zakat The easiest way to give your Zakat is through our online system. It’s simple, straightforward and secure, and also gives you the option to make one-time or regular Sadaqah payments. You can also give by mailing in a cheque. Visit the Donate page for more information. Services for Zakat payers: The Zakat Payer is just as important as the Zakat Recipient. Education: We aim to deliver easily accessible knowledge about Zakat and its core principles. Calculation: Through our Zakat guides and online calculators, our free Zakat query service is designed to help Muslims calculate their Zakat in a user friendly and timely manner. Collection: We facilitate safe and secure Zakat payments through our website, bank transfers and mail, guaranteeing that 100% of our Zakat collection will be spent according to Authentic Islamic Teachings.


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